Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Ice Cream Sculpting}

For our combined activity this month
we did ice-cream sculpting.
We first talked about Michelangelo,
and exactly how he did his amazing
sculptures. The girls learned that
he took a beautiful piece of marble,
and chipped away at it piece by piece until
it became his masterpiece.
We likened it to ourselves,
and what we need to take away
to become the masterpiece our
Father in Heaven wants us to be.

Afterwards we broke into groups and the girls
made their own sculptures out of ice-cream.
It was so much fun and we sure missed
those of you who couldn't come!

Here are the final products.

A girls kneeling by her bed.

A ball of yarn.

A Birds nest, complete with gummy worms.

When I asked what this was I was told
"We aren't sure!"
But whatever is it, it's fabulous, just like the creators.

How did I miss the after picture of their adorable
car? It was great, take my word for it.

A volleyball.

They attempted to make a Book Of Mormon,
but ran out of room and made a Book Of Morm instead.
Cute all the same.

A bikini girl.
So funny.

The sculptures were judge and each one won an award...
spoons of course. So we could eat them.And these two may, or may not have eaten the
entire gallon.....We challenged the girls to Journal about
how our choices affect who we are supposed to become.
How our choices affect the 'masterpieces' we can be,
and then they are able to pass of a Choice & Accountability PP goal.


  1. This blog ROCKS! Great idea. How do you get ice cream that you can sculpt?

  2. how long did the activity take? How quick did the ice cream melt?